WILL WORK FOR FOOD gives people a unique opportunity to solve a global problem by taking action locally.

Participants volunteer in their own communities and ask friends and family to sponsor this work with a donation. The money raised helps fight child malnutrition abroad.

Realizing that our lives are removed from the daily happenings of malnourished children, we wanted to give people an opportunity to help their own communities (something we're all more familiar with) while raising relief funds to save these malnourished kids. And so came our "volunteering locally to save children globally" initiative.

We encourage our "Workers" to do some kind of local community service work and to then ask friends and family to "sponsor" this work with a donation to WILL WORK FOR FOOD.

One-hundred percent of the money raised helps our affiliate organization, Doctors Without Borders, purchase and distribute lifesaving nutritional supplements to severely malnourished children.

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