ready to become a chapter rep?

As a WILL WORK FOR FOOD Chapter Representative, you will be given an opportunity to bring our “volunteering locally to save children globally” initiative to your high school or college. We will help you make a schedule and develop goals to promote WILL WORK FOR FOOD and mobilize your peers. You will work with friends, classes, clubs, teams and school faculty to increase awareness, promote community service and raise money to help save severely malnourished children.

As a Rep you will be trained and paired with a Regional Manager on the WILL WORK FOR FOOD Headquarters Team that will help give you the ideas and materials necessary. You only need to expect to spend about 2-3 hours per week on your position. One of your first responsibilities will be to build a team to help you establish WILL WORK FOR FOOD at your school.

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responsibilities of a chapter rep

  • Find at least three other students to serve on your team as the Chapter Marketing Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Plan WILL WORK FOR FOOD promotional and educational events to raise awareness and get people excited about getting involved.
  • Connect with administrators and teachers at your school.
  • Organize community service efforts to engage students at your school and raise money to fight child malnutrition.
  • Attend the summer Rep webinar trainings. More info below.
  • Keep in weekly contact with your Regional Manager.
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what's in it for you?

  • Better your community while saving malnourished children.
  • Become a better public speaker, have a powerful leadership experience, develop presentation and interpersonal skills, get trained in event planning and team building.
  • Utilize your motivation, dedication and skill to promote a growing nonprofit.
  • Get school credit for your position.
  • Your position will look great on school applications and as part of your resume for job applications. In addition, outstanding Reps will receive future letters of recommendations.
If you are interested in becoming a chapter rep, send an email to!