1 Child dies every 6 seconds from malnutrition

Over 14,000 per day = Over 400,000 per month = Over 5,000,000 per year

The members of WILL WORK FOR FOOD believe those numbers are simply unacceptable. We believe that we can work together to end this crisis. We can give these children a future.

Children suffering from malnutrition lack the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to fully develop physically and mentally. If they do not receive the proper nutrition they will never reach their full potential. To solve this problem, WILL WORK FOR FOOD has partnered with Doctors Without Borders, a nobel prize winning organization, to raise money to provide malnourished kids with enough Plumpy’Nut to nurse them back to health.

Plumpy’Nut is a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUF) that has a 95% success rate of saving severely malnourished children. The peanut paste is filled with essential sugars, fats, and vitamins and can be easily distributed to families in need. 100% of the money we raise is used for the purcahse and distribution of Plumpy’Nut in countries like Niger, Malawi, and Haiti.